Markets Opening Next Week!

Hi! I can't believe it's already April, but here we are. We are so excited for this growing season, because there have been a lot of changes at the farm over the winter. Most importantly, we now have a Farm Manager! Visit our website ( to learn more about Natalie Sevin. We are so lucky to have her. Check out the April/May issue of FoCoWoJo (Forsyth County Women's Journal) to learn even more! You might recognize Natalie on the cover....

We also now have a greenhouse AND a big ole hoop house! So some of our tomatoes are already in the ground and will be ready in June. Thanks to Natalie, we are growing a lot more produce this year so our market tables will be full of all kinds of new things - come visit us at either the Cobblestone Market or the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds market.

This week at the markets you'll find mesclun mix, arugula, radishes, joi choi, spinach, kale, collards and (hopefully) head lettuce!

Hope to see you soon, thanks for visiting our blog.

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